Friday, November 7, 2008

2X or not 2X?

So I guess I've had my head up my ass more than usual lately, cause I completely missed these guys. I give you 2X Software.

Aside from being the largest company I know of to name their company after an enviable domain name - albeit a lame one, 2X put it's stake in the world of SBC as yet another Citrix wannabe.

Look I love competition, but I have to say that all these companies try to sell you their stuff under the tagline, "Hey we do most / all of what Citrix does, but for less money." It's pedestrian. Innovate already, Dammit!! Is it just me?

There's something to being able to say, "Hey yeah, Citrix is swell and all, but they have a funny logo, give you strange cravings for orange juice, and oh by the way our shit does a bunch more stuff that actually pushes the envelope of this industry than their stuff does! We're actually making waves not just riding them!"

Case in point - (and I probably owe these guys a plug anyways) - Provision Networks (now Quest software).
Provision networks is like a whirlpool that's sucking all these seemingly distant technologies from all over the landscape and homogenizing them. For example - you can publish a virtual machine instance from the same console as you can publish an application. You can even publish an application on a virtual machine and have the software spin up the vm as needed to host said application. I don't care who you are, that's fukin sweet people. That's pushing the envelope. That's putting something out there that Citrix will have to play catch up on for a change.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure 2X has some great stuff at a much better price point than Citrix. But who doesn't? I've looked at their stuff, and it's a strong offering, but with the exception of their Linux stuff it's just not that fresh.

So X2 fans, am I wrong?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like that Provision snafu has left it painful for you to sit down... Bahahhaha! Plug them? Sounds like they plugged you. ;)

Citrix Guy said...

Hey, I fucked up and came clean. They didn't plug me, I plugged myself by publishing something that was given to me in confidence. As a result, I lost some credibility and strained a friendship. So I took my lumps, my medicine, and had a heaping serving of my own dogfood. In all honesty, I was floored to find out that people actually read this thing. So live and learn. Nuff said.