Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sorry peeps. It's gone.

Sorry everyone. I've deleted this post because it's ruffled some big feathers and gotten a friend very pissed off at me. This friend (I'll call him B) confided some frustrations in me over a beer a few weeks ago and I posted it without permission. When the vendor recognized the scenario and brought this to B's attention he contacted me and told me to remove it immediately. And in typical CG fashion, for whatever reason, I decided not to. If I had done so, this situation would probably still be salvageable.

I just received an email from someone who I believe is the vendor implicating B because he apparently had a link to this blog on a networking site. So in short, for his showing me some support, I've potentially delivered a whole load of shit to his doorstep. I haven't told B of this little development yet, but it will probably be the final straw in this whole thing.

I'm considering taking down this blog permanently, but whether or not that comes to pass I want to convey my most sincere apologies to B and to the vendor that was involved.